calhoun county bass club

If ya can't hang with the big boys stay on the dock!! See ya at the scales!!


These rules that follow govern how Calhoun County Bass operates it's Individual club and Open Tournaments. These rules will be followed by all active member's and will be enforced accordingly. Any member wishing to address any rule in question should see or email Craig Bolden    Please feel free to copy and print these rules for future reference.

 Club Tournament Rules: revised 1/05/2013

  • 1. Eligibility:  Any one 16years of age or older is required to be a member.
  • 2. Entry Fees: The entry fee will be $35.00 plus optional Smallmouth pot per person.  $10.00 per entry will go to CCBC, the remainder will be paid back at the ramp.  See Rule #5 for special non-boater entry fee requirements
  • 3.  Pay back: 14 or less anglers will pay back 3 places.  For every 5 more anglers we will payback 1 more place. There is a last payout place guarantee for riders that weigh in fish, given that there is at least three non-boaters signed up for the tournament.
  • 4.  Safety:  Each Man is required to wear a coast guard approved life jacket when the combustion engine is running.  All kill switches must work and be attached to  the driver when under power.  " think safety first "
  • 5.  Paring of contestants:  All boat owners that do not have a rider will go into a hat so the non-boat owners will have a pairing by luck of the draw.  Everyone else may fish alone. If a boater wishes to go as a non-boater, they may do so but they must also draw for a boater just as the riders do.  Non-boaters will be charged $10.00 plus any ramp fee's at sign up.  This extra fee will be paid back to the boater they have chosen/drawn for the tournament. Please be aware that the owner of the boat may ask for more depending on the amount of fuel that was used.
  • 6.  Tackle and Equipment:  No trolling, No live bait. ONLY one rod at a time can be used.  All boats must have a working live well.
  • 7.  Culling:  Five fish maximum is allowed in any angler's live-well/possession. No fishing or casting until the culling process has been completed by that angler.  (ex: you may not catch a 6th fish, put it in the live well and return to fishing.  All culling must be completed before the angler continues to fish. )
  • 8.  Weigh-in:  All anglers fishing in the tournaments are required to be at the designated place at the designated time, which will be set by the tournament director.  Late penalty will be on pound per minute until 5 minutes late, thereafter you will be disqualified.
  • 9.  Scoring & Penalty:  Each dead fish that is brought to the weigh-in will cost you 2 ounces of its weight.  Short fish will cost you that fish, plus you largest fish of that day.  If you bring two or more short fish, your catch will be culled starting with your largest fish.
  • 10.  Bonus points:  You will receive a 5lb bonus for showing up.
  • 11.  Ties:  Big fish & 2nd big fish and so on will break all ties.
  • 12.  Tournament Director:  The tournament director will run the tournament, but the board will handle all protest.  All protest must be made withing 30 minutes of the tournament ending.  The director also reserves the right to add, delete or modify any rules listed.

Open Tournament Rules:    Revised 2/6/2010

C.C.B.C BYLAWS:  amended and revised 2/6/2010

  • 1. Annual club dues will be $10.00 and will be paid by the December club meeting.
  • 2. The accepted tournament rules for each season will be recognized and obeyed by all members at all club tournaments, ALL RULES ARE FINAL. Club tournament rules may vary from " Open " tournament rules the tournament director will handle any disputes at any club tournament.
  • 3. Any miscellaneous club expense in excess of 25.00, by any member must be approved by a vote of the board of directors.  A proper voucher will submit all expenses.
  • 4.  All memberships are subject to review by the CCBC board of directors.
  • 5.  A mileage allowance will be paid to any approved member on club business.  This amount is subject to change if the need warrants and will be approved by the board.
  • 6.  Any terminated member must re-apply for membership whether it was voluntary or punitive.  Any terminated member that requests to be active again , will be reviewed upon a confidential meeting of all CCBC board members.
  • 7.  Any member attending any club function in an obvious state of impaired condition will be required to leave. Their membership will then be reviewed  by a meeting of the board members
  • 8.  The board of directors will consist of a: President, Vice President, Secretary, treasurer, Tournament Director and Youth Director.  The Board members will meet 1 hour prior to each monthly meeting from November to March.  Any board member may call a board meeting at any time it should become necessary.
  • 9.  Eligibility of Vote:  Each member is entitled to one vote.  Proxy votes are not permitted.
  • 10.  Term of Office: Club officers will serve a term of one year.  The terms will begin January 1st and end the last meeting in December one year following their election into office.  A term of office in one capacity for one year will not prevent that member from later taking another position on the board of directors for another year.  To be a board member you must have been a club member for at least 6 months.
  • 11.  In the event an office becomes vacant, nominations shall be asked for and an election will be held to fill the unexpected term of the individual vacating his or her office.  2/3 vote of present members are required for election.
  • 12.  The constitution and by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by 2/3 vote of the members present, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least on regular meeting prior to the vote.
  • 13.  A member can be nominated for a lifetime membership.  Nominations are voted upon, and elected by unanimous vote.  Members who have been awarded lifetime status would be exempt from CCBC membership dues.  This does not include B.A.S.S. Federation or B.A.S.S. dues.
  • 14.  There will be no IN-ACTIVE CCBC memberships.
  • 15.  A club member shall be dropped from the club for the following (A) Failure to pay dues.  (B) Any action, which would reflect, dishonor or bring disgrace to the club.

Revised 12/05/2010